What is IMEI Number? How can we Track Phone using it


what is imei code and how to track location using it

When you buy a cell phone, you want to treat yourself. Is a beautiful smartphone your dream? Yes, but there you are: you are afraid that someone will steal it from you. Mobile phone theft has increased in recent years. And if that happens to you, you certainly don’t want the thief to use your phone number. So come in the IMEI number.

What is an IMEI number in Mobile Phones?

what is a imei number

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This number is a series of 15 to 17 digits, written under the battery of your mobile phone and on the box that you receive when you buy the mobile phone. This is the number of your mobile phone. Each phone has one. It is important to have it at home. You can also get it using your phone. Type * # 06 # but we recommend that you write it down somewhere at home.

What is the IMEI number used for?

Because if your cell phone is stolen, you can’t look under the battery and you can’t get it. But what is it for? In the event of theft, the first reflex is to find a telephone (ironic, right?) And to telephone your operator. You want to cut the line and avoid phone calls abroad made by your nasty thief. But by communicating your IMEI number, your operator will do better: it will block your phone. Not only will the thief not be able to use your SIM card, but he also will not be able to put a new one. You may have lost your phone, but your thief will not be able to reuse it.

If your phone is blocked, give the IMEI number to your operator and they will unlock it so that you can use your mobile phone with another operator.

Finally, when you sell your mobile phone, you must provide the IMEI number. If you buy a mobile phone, you must verify, by communicating it to your operator, that the device is not declared as stolen. In fact, the three major French operators have created a sort of blacklist and have pooled it.

Now that you know how to know your IMEI and that you have it at hand, what is it for?
1. In case of theft:
The main reason that your IMEI code is important is because in some countries it is possible to call your service provider if your phone was stolen to ask for it to be blocked so that no one can use it.

Operators that can block numbers will need you to provide your IMEI code. In some countries, there are implemented systems that communicate the theft of devices and the corresponding IMEI code to other operators so that the thief cannot use the phone with any service provider. In other countries you will have to call each operator to report the theft. In most countries it is illegal to change the IMEI code, making it a good system to stop the theft of mobile phones.

In some regions the police also use IMEI codes to keep a record of stolen devices.

2. Add a stolen device to blacklists or blocked number lists:
Some countries maintain lists that contain the information and status of mobile phones. Devices that are on the black list or blocked number list cannot connect to the network and therefore cannot make or receive calls.

It usually contains devices that were stolen and reported or devices that were used illegally or for illegal purposes. If your cell phone was stolen, it is a good idea to ask your operator if they are in charge of adding your IMEI to these lists or if it is necessary to do it on your own. Reporting the IMEI of stolen phones is a good way to stop device theft.

You can also Track iPhone and Track Android Phone using their unique IMEI Numbers. You can use this IMEI Tracker to find out the location of any lost or stolen mobile devices.

3. In case of repair or when using the warranty:
If at any time you have to take your phone to be repaired or if you need to take advantage of the warranty, it is likely that they will ask for your IMEI code to identify your device and differentiate it from others. of the same model.

4. To unlock your device and be able to use it in other operators:
When you buy a mobile phone through an operator, it is likely that it comes blocked so that you cannot use it with another service provider. Many operators offer the option of releasing it over the Internet or in their offices and in many cases you will need your IMEI code as part of the process.

5. During authorities investigations:
The IMEI code is also used when the authorities intervene on a telephone line.

Tips on the IMEI Number:

Now that you know why it is important to know your IMEI code, follow these tips:

1. Keep your IMEI code in a safe and private place
When buying a new cell phone, find your IMEI code using any of the methods mentioned in this article and store it in a place that you know is safe and where you remember that you kept it. You can save it in Evernote, send yourself an email or save it in your personal notebook. Doing so takes only five minutes and may end up being very important later.

2. Don’t share your IMEI number
Unless it’s a technical repair, warranty or some other similar situation, just don’t share your IMEI number.

3. Don’t post your IMEI code on the Internet
Some thieves replace the IMEI codes of devices they steal using IMEI that they found on the Internet. It is not usual, but you can avoid problems simply by avoiding publishing your IMEI code on the Internet.

4. If your mobile phone was stolen, use the IMEI code to prevent the thief from using it.
If you are sure that your device was stolen and that there is no way to recover it, call your service provider and ask what you can do to lock your phone. Some operators only allow you to lock the SIM, while others allow you to lock both the SIM and the device as such. Your options will depend on your service provider and the country you are in.

Can the IMEI code be changed?

Although it is illegal in most countries to change the IMEI code of a mobile phone, there are ways to do it. This procedure usually requires rooting the phone and installing specialized applications. No great knowledge is required to erase a stolen mobile phone and do a factory reset to make it look new. However, changing the IMEI number is a bit more complicated, which is why many thieves don’t usually do it.

Once your device has been erased and the operating system has been reinstalled, you will not be able to track it through the services offered by Google or Apple or through any other tracking application.

But if the thief did not change the IMEI number, you can lock the device so that it cannot be used, even after the phone has been formatted. Contact your operator to learn how to block your device using your IMEI.

Some thieves search the Internet and other sources for un-blocked IMEI codes for use on stolen devices. This is why it is recommended that you never publish your IMEI on the Internet.

Can you track your cell phone using the IMEI number?

Today there are many ways to track your cell phone in case of loss and theft. Some use the GPS technology of your cell phone, while other methods use the IMEI code of your device. Although they can be useful in many situations, all of these tracking methods also share the same limitations.

If you lost your cell phone, any of these options may be all you need to get it back. But if it was stolen, all of these methods share the same limitations.


can we track imei number

In order to track your lost smartphone, you can use the IMEI Tracker. IMEI Tracker is an online tracking software, which is able to find the location of any lost or stolen mobile phone with the help of their IMEI numbers. Apart from just tracking, you can also get a detailed tracking report and live location sharing on Google or Apple maps. There are many more features provided by IMEI Tracker.

Both Apple and Android, and even some manufacturers like Samsung, offer ways to track your phone using both the GPS signal that your phone emits and its IMEI number. All these options allow you to find location of your lost or stolen mobile phone through any browser.

If you have an iPhone: Login to your iCloud and then look for the “Find my phone” option.
If you have an Android phone: Go to android.com/find and login to your account.

Both options allow you to see the current location of your phone on a map, make it ring even if you had it vibrating or silent, lock the phone so that it is necessary to enter a PIN or password and even erase all your information remotely.

Some operators can track your phone using your IMEI number through a system that tries to determine the phone’s location by measuring the distance and angles from nearby antennas. However, not all operators can use this method or are willing to do so. In many cases, this is reserved for serious situations where it is important to track a device and requires the intervention of the authorities. Contact your operator to find out your options.


The IMEI code is then a number that identifies your device and differentiates it from any other phone in the world and does not depend on your phone number, your SIM card or your operator.

The IMEI Number is one of those things that you will only have to use when it is no longer easy to know which is yours, so it is best to get used to keeping yours in a safe place every time you buy a new phone.

If you need to repair it, the technician or any of the methods in this article will let you know your IMEI. But if your device was stolen, you will have to act quickly to block it and prevent the person who stole it from using it in the future.