Tracking IMEI: What is the IMEI number and How it works?

Tracking IMEI is one way you can track your iPhone and android phone again. The disadvantage of the method, however, is that in US tracking of the IMEI is only permitted in the event of theft. Depending on the operating system of the smartphone, additional tools are available.

What is IMEI?

The abbreviation IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity and is a 15-digit serial number. It can be used to identify any smartphone or other GSM or UMTS device. Dual SIM smartphones have two IMEI numbers.

You can do the following using the IMEI number:

  • Find or block a stolen cell phone: Block a stolen smartphone using IMEI: is that possible?
  • Remove the SIM lock from the device

Note: The first point only applies in theory, since the IMEI of a cell phone can be reprogrammed by cybercriminals. Then you could no longer locate or block it.

what is imei numberAndroid: The IMEI number can be found in the settings.

The exact breakdown of the numbers looks like this:

  • Numbers 1-8: TAC (Type Allocation Code), which in turn consists of the reporting body identifier (first two digits) and the admission code (remaining digits)
  • Numbers 9-14: the actual serial number of the device (SNR).
  • Section 15: Check digit

You should, therefore, know the IMEI number of your smartphone or mobile device and have it ready in case of an emergency.

Query IMEI

To query the IMEI, do the following:

  1. Call the following number: * # 06 #
  2. Your smartphone will then immediately display the IMEI number.
  3. You can take a screenshot of it or write it down: Android: Take a screenshot – very easy.
find imei number of your mobile phoneSo you can query the IMEI number.

Alternatively, you can find the IMEI number in the smartphone settings. Opens it and searches for entries such as over the phone and status.

The IMEI number then usually appears in the menu items. With older Ericsson and Sony-Ericsson devices you can also query the IMEI with the following key combination: Right, Star, Left, Left, Start, Left, Star.

Tracking IMEI: How useful is that really?

  1. In order to be able to track a cell phone or smartphone via IMEI, certain conditions have to be met in Germany.
  2. Tracking is only possible if the device has been stolen and you, the owner, have reported it to the police and mobile service providers.
  3. However, for legal reasons, the police are prohibited from tracking a device via IMEI. Only the mobile operator can carry out IMEI tracking, but this is a more or less voluntary service that he can also refuse.
  4. It is still worthwhile to find out the IMEI and report it to the police if you lose your smartphone. It keeps a list of stolen mobile devices and can compare them with smartphones if they are found or confiscated.

Alternatives to tracking via IMEI

The providers of the operating systems Windows, Android, and iOS have now developed their own methods with which a misplaced or forgotten smartphone can be found.
  1. iOS: Find your phone using Find My iPhone or iCloud.
  2. Android: Find your smartphone thanks to “Android Finder”. Regardless of the operating system, Google also provides methods for tracking.
  3. Windows: On the account websiteMicrosoft.comcom/devices register for the “Find my cell phone” function.


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